If You Are The Victim Of A Foreclosure Sale, All May Not Be Lost.

These are very difficult times, financially, for many of us. For some, your home may have been foreclosed on and sold at a mortgage foreclosure auction.
What many owners don’t realize is that their home may have been sold for much more than they owed. If this has happened to you, you may need the help of an Asset Recovery service to assist in recovering those excess funds which rightfully, belong to you, on your behalf. Financial Recovery Consultants has helped many individuals, just like you, to recover thousands of dollars they never knew belonged to them.
Contact us now for a free asset recovery consultation. Making that call could be a life changing decision. Call today.

Did You Know...

that once a house is sold for more than what is owed to the bank or county!

The left over money should be returned to the previous owner?

When a sale happens in a foreclosure the lending entity (often the bank) is trying to recover any outstanding balance for the loan (Creditor Funds). When a new third-party owner purchases the property at auction, the sale over the needed Creditor Fund, creates a surplus of funds the owner of the property is entitled to.
These funds often end up between $10,000- $500,000+ being refunded back to you.

The Refund Process

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No Upfront Costs.
Get Started in Minutes

Have A Qualifying Foreclosure
Verify that you had a recent foreclosure and may be entitled to a foreclosure refund.
Complete Client Engagement Form
Review our customer engagement packet. After completing this packet, we can begin on the refund process.
Submit the Refund
We will begin submitting all necessary paperwork for the refund process.

Don't Let Your Money Stay Unclaimed

If the money stays unclaimed for too long the government will pocket it.....

The government won’t hide this information from you but they will not call you. This is the reason to why thousands of homeowners that go through foreclosure lose out on the money they are entitled to.
Don’t let this happen to you. Get back what is rightfully yours with our help today!

How We Help You

Find Out Where Your Money Is
Contact Authorities
Send PaperWork
Hire & Pay Notaries
Submit Claim
Hire & Pay Attorney
Prepare All Documentation
Deal With State Laws & Regulations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Expert Answers to Common Oueries

Financial Recovery Consultants provides services those who lost their home to the unfortunate process of tax lien or mortgage foreclosure.

The excess proceeds claim process can be difficult and time consuming. The claim process is not as simple as walking into the appropriate government office, showing an ID and getting a check on the spot!It is beneficial to use a firm like ours that specialize in the excess proceeds claim process. We handle paperwork, filing deadlines, title searches and navigate the complexities and pitfalls of the excess proceeds claim process.
You may have excess proceeds due to you if your property sold at foreclosure auction for more than your mortgage balances.You may be able to visit the government agency website in your jurisdiction that handles excess funds.We would be able to determine the possibility of excess funds in your case if you can provide certain information regarding your foreclosure. Please contact us directly.